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Psychological Interventions

The following selections include learning about positive psychological changes that can be integrated into your routine which are found to possibly be helpful by influencing your thoughts.

Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Easy as ABC

There are many evidence based "talk therapies" which target psychological approaches to improve how we feel.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most used and effective interventions for the most mental health disorders.  

Working with a trained therapist who is skilled in CBT is the best way to put into practice this well studied and supported approach to moderating our thoughts and behaviors to enhance our mood.  Dr. Burson is trained in CBT.  In the meantime, understanding the ABCs of CBT is important. 

A:  Activating Event

The situation that impacts how we feel.

B:  Beliefs

Our evaluation of the event, whether rational or irrational.  This is where cognitive distortions such as catastrophizing or fortune telling can impact how we perceive an event.

C:  Consequences

What are the emotions, behaviors and other thoughts that arise out of the combination of the activating event and our beliefs about that event.

D:  Disputation

Learning to challenge the false beliefs and cognitive distortions that are influencing the way we feel after an activating event.


Challenge 1:  Learn about cognitive distortions and determine the top 5 that you have a tendency to use.

Challenge 2:  Think about a recent activating event and go through the the ABCs of it. 

Challenge 3:  Watch this TED Talk on CBT for Anxiety

Video and Podcast Links

Helpful links to challenge the way you see yourself, the world and your future and other introductions to evidence based therapies.

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