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About Dr. Rebecca Burson


Dr. Rebecca Burson is a physician Board Certified in Psychiatry.  She attended Western WA University where she was the Outstanding Graduate of the Honors Program and chosen as the commencement speaker.  She went to Des Moines University for medical school and afterward completed her psychiatry residency through the University of Texas San Antonio Health Science Center.

Experience and Approach

Dr. Burson is from Washington State and was a mountaineering guide in the Cascades.  Although no longer physically guiding others through the elements, she continues to be passionate about empowering her patients to strive for their potential through professional and holistic psychiatric care so they can overcome life’s inevitable obstacles.  She went into psychiatry as she loves working with “neurons and narratives” – she strives to understand the connection between healing and our stories and how biological, psychological, social and spiritual contributions can make us who we are and who we want to be.


After her medical training, she served in the US Air Force for seven years to the rank of Major and was stratified as its top physician out of more than 1,000 providers in 2014.  She has contributed to the field of psychiatry significantly through teaching and mentoring medical students, residents and nurse practitioners as well as through research investigating inflammatory biomarkers, sleep and ketamine (4M total in funding), speaking at national and international conferences as well as her work with the VA and in private practice.  Most importantly, she prides herself in gaining the trust, relationship and alliance of her patients as she works with them through the ups and downs of life.  She and her family love living in WA state where she offers telepsychiatry for patients living in WA, ID, AL, CO and UT.


Dr. Burson enjoys the same types of activities that she encourages others to take part in for a balanced life which for her include spending time with her husband and two children, hiking and getting exercise outdoors, being inspired by nature, connecting and growing with her friends, playing and listening to music, being challenged by her faith and learning from this journey of life.

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