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Get To Know Alpenglow

Our Mission, Values and Vision


Empowering individuals to embrace growth on their journey in order to reach peak mental health and find authentic, thriving and durable wellbeing.


We will achieve our mission through professional evidence-based medicine, a compassionate, collaborative, personalized approach and the holistic integration of cultivating the mind, body, spirit and relationships in such a way that one’s story of hope and potential is discovered.


Effectively and creatively synergizing science, soul and story to inspire individuals to gain greater purpose and meaning through life’s challenging terrain.


About our Name

The power of metaphor

Alpenglow is a term that refers to the bending of light as the sun comes up, meaning that after a dark night you can see the sun before it has even crossed the horizon.  Essentially, alpenglow is an image of hope.  We believe that hope is essential in getting better and can be a wellspring of inspiration to put one foot in front of the other to move towards your potential.


Our Philosophy and Approach

Our Philosophy

We believe many factors go into our mental health ranging from our biologypsychologysocial environment  and spirituality.  Given that these factors can either result in poor or thriving mental health, we believe it is crucial to partner with you to come up with an evidence-based, personalized, effective and holistic approach.  We believe life has many peaks and valleys and that if we choose to, we can learn and grow from these experiences.  It is not a static process of having arrived but a dynamic process of becoming better with each step.

Our Approach

We believe that mental illness deserves accepting, kind, compassionate care and should not be stigmatized and that our weaknesses can become our strengths.  We work with our patients to find out strengths and preferences to come up with a treatment plan that encompasses biological, psychological, social and spiritual interventions.  This may include possibilities like medications, improved sleep, exercise and diet, talk therapies/counseling, strengthening relationships and exploring one’s purpose through spiritual practice.  The ultimate aim is that the culmination of a holistic approach and striving for your peak mental health will result in finding hope and meaning through your story.  

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