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Cost for Telepsychiatry

  • Initial Consultation (55 min) $425 

  • Brief Follow Ups (15 min)  $160

  • Intermediate Follow Ups (35 min) $260

  • In Depth Follow Ups (55 min)  $400

  • Intensive Therapy (customized to the need of the patient for up to 2 hour intervals) $400 an hour

  • Additional requested paperwork or phone calls requiring more than 5 minutes of work are charged at $30 per 10-minute interval.


Note:  All follow ups offer combined medication management and therapy or just therapy depending on what each patient prefers.

Payment for Services

As convenience is one of the ideals we strive for, all payments for services are through secure credit card transactions via the patient portal and linked to the calendar.  There is no cost to the patient for credit card processing.  No-show appointments are charged to the credit card on file for half the rate of the appointment reserved.  Click for information about insurance coverage.

Duration of Treatment

Essentially, after your initial consultation, we will discuss treatment frequency and length of treatment.  Follow up sessions could be as long or short as you prefer and more or less frequent based on what if benefitting your situation.  For some, the goal would is to return back to your primary care provider (Family Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant) at the end of treatment to maintain your gains and for others, ongoing treatment with a psychiatrist is preferred and or recommended.

Free Consultation for Primary Care Providers 

Given our aim is that within a year of treatment with Dr. Burson you will return back to your primary care provider, we want to be as helpful in this process as possible.  To maximize benefit to you, Dr. Burson will provide free consultation to your primary care provider for up to 6 months on any psychiatric questions your referring provider might have about your care once you transition back to them after adequate treatment with Dr. Burson if you choose to do that.  We will also provide communication at the beginning of your treatment informing your primary care provider of the plan and opening up lines of dialogue.

Cost and Services Offered: About Us
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Speaking and Retreat Content

Drs. Rebecca and Sean Burson bring together their unique approach and wealth of experience as a psychiatrist and a chaplain to offer content for retreats and speaking engagements for both the DoD and corporations.  Please go to for more information on coaching, consulting and retreats!

Cost and Services Offered: About Us
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