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Potential Patients

Importance of a Good Fit

Congrats, you are learning more about options available to you to move forward towards holistic, effective, mental health care!


It is very important that whoever you work with is a good fit for you.  Many academic studies have shown the importance of what is called the therapeutic alliance – basically how much you trust your doctor and/or therapist and feel that they can help you.  It is important that I have a strong alliance with my patients as this can positively impact outcomes, including medication response.  Read below to find out if we might be a good fit and how to move forward to become a client.

Mountain Cabin

Are We A Good Fit?

Truly developing a therapeutic alliance has to do with individual treatment and cultivating a good therapist/client relationship, which is an art that does not happen instantaneously and is hard to determine from a website.  However, to try and set individuals up for success, there are some things to consider before reaching out to me (Dr. Sean Burson) to help determine if what I have to offer is a good fit for what you need:


  • In reading the about section, do you feel like my approach lines up with what you are looking for?  


  • Are you comfortable with technology, using email to communicate, with an up to date computer or device with good internet connection?


  • Are you on board with having another trusted friend or family member be  a part of your care-circle who could encourage you with your goals and that you or I could call if you were ever needing the extra support?  


  • In the description of services and rates, do you feel like the option of teletherapy would be valuable to you?  For example, maybe you are busy and don’t want to commute, you don’t like waiting in doctor’s offices, prefer to have control of where you would see me, or you live in a remote area, etc.  


  • Are you willing to invest in your care with the necessary time, introspection, energy, emotion and resources to get the results you desire?  I believe to achieve your goals it will take careful tending and a commitment to put at least 8-12 sessions into your treatment at whatever frequency and duration meet your needs, at a minimum.


  • Are you between the age of 20 and 65?  


  • Will you be seeking care from Idaho or Colorado?


  • It is important that for my teletherapy practice, clients understand that it is ideally situated for providing personalized care in a one to one setting for conditions that are not requiring crisis intervention or would need the attention of a more extensive care team or legal input.

First Steps to Get Going


If you’ve read the above and you think I am a good fit for what you are looking for, that is wonderful.

 I truly hope we get to work together!

I welcome you take the first step and to contact me via email or phone to arrange for a free, 10-15 min phone chat to clarify any questions and confirm that we may be a good fit.  Once we talk, you can start the process of becoming a New Patient if that is what is decided.

If you call me or email me, I will get back to you within 2 business days.

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