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New Patients

What is the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal (Luminello) is a HIPAA secure, cloud based portal where you can conveniently do the following things: make appointments, pay using a credit card, communicate with Dr. Burson, electronically, sign or fill out necessary forms/paperwork and request access to your medical record if needed. It is necessary for all new patients to create an account in the Patient Portal to be seen initially. By enrolling in the Patient Portal, you will also be set up to receive appointment reminders by text. Your information is secure and is only used in order to provide you care.

Gaining Access to Luminello, our Patient Portal

Once you talk with Dr. Burson and want to pursue making an appointment, a link will be sent to you inviting you to our Electronic Patient Portal, Luminello, which will enable you to electronically access, fill out and sign any forms prior to your first appointment.  We try to make things as easy and convenient as possible.

Connect for First Appointment

Preview of Forms

The following combination of forms detail our procedures and policies and informed consent for all new patients.  They are conveniently set up for electronic signature inside of the portal.  However, if before making an account in the portal you want to see the forms, you are welcome to look them over and ask questions.

New Patients: Welcome
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