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Chaplain's Corner

Helpful Videos on Topics of Life

Dr. Sean Burson is a therapist and chaplain in the US Air National Guard and offers powerful thoughts on some of life's challenging terrain using history and story and is part of the Alpenglow Team.  Please feel free to browse the topics below and watch these 2 min videos that will challenge and inspire.

Facing Our Fears

How taking small steps towards our fear makes our life larger and the world better.

Image by Erwin Doorn

Tough Break

When what seems to be a breakdown can lead to a breakthrough.


Hard Work

Sizing up what it takes to truly take on life's challenges.

Learning from our Mistakes

Lessons given through the fire of devastation that have saving power.


Making Room

Sacrificing what we think we want to make room for what is needed.

Image by Hoach Le Dinh
Image by Clem Onojeghuo


Rising above the way others see us.

Image by Luca Baggio


When the courage to stand alone can bring us together.


Dreaming the impossible and leveraging what it takes to get there.

plane wings


Our internal compass guides us for both small decisions and big.

Image by Anastasia Petrova
Image by Avinash Kumar


Realizing we all deserve respect as we all have stories that matter.

Stained Glass


Our wounds can be more than a reflection of pain but rather a source of healing, insight and even beauty.


The powerful, mysterious and often unknown ways our goodness ripples into the future.

Image by Daniel Jensen

The Importance of History

Our past stories serve as important reminders to guide us into the future.

Ancient Containers

Nurturing Growth

How can we change our environment to cultivate growth?

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Image by Harli  Marten

Connection through Communication

We are hungry for connection and ironically the lack of it can send us pushing others away.

Opportunity of Limitations

The strange paradox that even in the unwanted shrinking of our pallette, our possibilities can grow.

Piano Keys
Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Doing the Right Thing

The ways in which our big and small actions define our legacy, especially when they aren't easy.


There is often a reason for our fear and then there is the consequent fearful reasoning which is filled with flaws and errors.

Image by Joanna Nix
Image by Stephanie Greene


It takes strength to surrender our shields and swords.

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Image by Debby Hudson


The importance of staying connected, especially when times are tough.

Image by Fabio Comparelli


Holding Hands


Image by Patrick Hendry


We owe it to our future selves and each other to stay in the game; we rarely have no idea the impact we will have.

Often times when we are going through suffering it's not what people say that gets us through but what they don't say.

When we face both external and internal barriers that get in the way of where we want to go.



Image by Oskars Sylwan

Releasing the Loyal Soldier

Image by Jamie Hagan

Bad Luck

It is tempting to compare when we don't feel we are enough but this only drains us of our gratitude and potential.

When the patterns and reactions that have served and protected us for a time no longer are needed.

Whether it be superstition or a narrative that we are doomed, often we become what we believe.

Image by Helena Lopes


Image by Andreia Alexandre


Throwing Sand

Letting Things Go

It is not just a passive act on either side for the healing power of reconciliation to occur.

The degree to which we are willing to give up something we want for something more important measures not only our values but how we will be remembered.

If we don't learn how to let things go we may end up letting go of a whole lot more.

Image by Aneta Foubíková

Chaplain Burson's Journey

A video about life, love, loss and resilience.

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