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Welcome to  Alpenglow

Mental Wellness, LLC

Mental Health at its Peak

Are you ready to unlock your potential and improve how you mentally feel and function

The key is a compassionate and expert approach that synergizes science, soul and your story


Here at Alpenglow Mental Wellness, we believe that despite the dark night, hope is on the horizon. 


We are passionate about empowering you to own your journey and embrace growth.  Let us partner with you to reach your peak mental health by using professional evidence-based medicine, a caring, personalized approach and the holistic integration of cultivating your mind, body, spirit and relationships.  We believe that in finding your potential you can gain authentic, thriving and durable wellbeing and in so doing find greater meaning and purpose.

Whether you are experiencing the challenges of a mental health disorder or pain from transition, trauma or loss – wherever you are in your journey – let’s work together towards healing.

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Expert Medical and Mental Heatlh Treatment

Dr. Rebecca Burson is a Board Certified Psychiatrist offering care to patients in WA, ID, CO, AL and UT


Dr. Sean Burson is a licensed therapist and chaplain serving clients in WA, ID and CO


We believe that there is a synergy that happens when science, soul and story join forces. We know that there is also an art to healing and that by walking with people through peaks and valleys we have witnessed the remarkable ability of individuals to overcome hardship and create their own stories of hope and meaning.

Please partner with either of us to join you on your journey.

Find out more on becoming a patient with Dr. Rebecca Burson or client with Dr. Sean Burson!


Services Offered

Currently Alpenglow Mental Wellness offers convenient mental health treatment using internet-based video appointments, AKA telepsychiatry and teletherapy as a great option that enables patients to see our providers from the comfort and privacy of their home, work or wherever they prefer using a smartphone or computer.  Learn more about Dr. Sean Burson's services and rates (for clients located in ID and CO) and Dr. Rebecca Burson's services and rates (for patients located in WA, ID, CO, UT and AL).  

We also provide dynamic facilitation and content for retreats and speaking engagements for the DoD and corporate events as well as coaching and consulting.

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